For those of you that don't know, Links of London is a jewellery brand founded in 1990 but later acquired by Folli Follie (a global jewellery group) in 2006 so the brand is pretty accessible worldwide. 

In a recent collaboration with links of London, I absolutely love my sweetie bracelet. To me what separates it from your average bracelet is the ability to personalise it which makes it more special. I use Jewellery to accessorise my outfits and the fact that I am able to add charms which have personal meaning to me adds sentimental value to the jewellery. So far I have two charms on my bracelet, a globe charm and a compass charm. I am very passionate about both. To me they both somehow symbolise my love for travelling in exploring the world. The compass charm also symbolises me being a free spirit, I feel i'm the kind of person who just goes with the flow and sees what direction fate wants to take me. 

What I look for in jewellery is a piece that is versatile, I see jewellery as an investment and after spending all that money you want to be able to wear it with pretty much anything right? I don't know about you guys but I do! My sweetie bracelet is just that. As well as being worn on its own, it is perfect for stacking. I have worn my bracelet with my watches, rings and other bracelets for a more modernised feel. As I was able to accessorise it with charms of both silver and gold, I feel this made the bracelet a lot more transferable as I am able to mix it in with both plain gold or plain silver jewellery styles. 

Below is how I have styled my sweetie bracelet. Let me know your thoughts!