Be empowered and empower others. It is always nice to see women especially uplifting each other. Us women have had to work 10 times as hard to get to as far as men, a lot of progress in terms of gender equality has definitely taken place within the last 100 years, but come on, are you telling me it has taken that long for change to happen and we are nowhere next done yet? Crazy right?

For this reason I find it really important for us women to support each other. I mean if we can't even come together to support each other how are we then supposed to form a united front? I mean after all together we are stronger!

Here are few things I do to empower those around me everyday:

1) Compliments: They have a way of brightening someones day. Even someone who appears to be obviously gorgeous in your eyes may not be aware of their beauty. Compliments are so easy for me because they aren't limited to beauty; I mean beauty lies in the eyes on the beholder and not everyone will be viewed as beautiful in your eyes but more often than not you will find something about a person that you admire, from the colour of their eyes to the colour of their nails, the hair style they have chosen to wear, their outfit choice for the day, even if you don't like their outfit as a whole maybe you just like a particular part of it e.g their shoes? 
All in all it, is nice to compliment people. I do it everyday and it really makes me feel good putting a smile on someones face.

2) Smile: A smile is universal sign of happiness, I love it! You could be having a crappy day and you walk past a stranger who gives you a genuine smile and it touches your heart and makes you feel that little bit better. Beware, I am not talking about one of those fake British forced smile that some people do, honestly... leave that smile at home, they have the opposite effect.

3) Constructive criticism: If I feel as though changing a few things could have a positive impact on someones growth, I would definitely share my thoughts with them but making sure it is done in a way that ensures no offence is taken.

4) Advice: If someone is going through a rough patch or they need a second opinion on something, I am always willing to make time for them and give them the best advice I can to help them get through their situation.

5) Encouragement: When I see people who lack the confidence to achieve their goals or just have , I always try and encourage them to have faith in themselves and push through. Sometimes we can help but have doubts within ourselves when everything doesn't seem to be going well and thats okay, a good support system with get you through your low points.

So I've shared a things I do to empower those around me, now I would like to know what you guys do to empower those around you, please do share your tips with me in the comments below. I look forward to reading them!