Channeling my inner 90's child, by rocking a brand that was very prominent in the 90's era... Tommy hilfiger. I mean, who doesn't love that casual, comfy and cool look? But yeah, Urban Outfitters seem to have brought tommy back (not to say tommy had gone anywhere) So I had to purchase this oversized short dungaree and pair it with a cute Tommy bandeau to go for a tommy boy sexy look (if that makes any sense to you guys, it does in my head haha). 

To go for a more comfy look I wore it with my current favourite trainers the Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Premium. What makes them a new fave is just how super comfortable they are and i'm a really huge leather fan so when I saw that the upper part of the shoe was made of leather, I was all for it. Leather is very durable and if you want to wear a shoe very regularly, you want to be confident that its not going to wear out easily. The only thing I would say is because of my choice in colour, and the frequency in which I have been wearing them, they are a bit dirty , good thing is they are actually available in black so if you are worried about dirt then you have a perfect alternative.