I recently collaborated with a brand call LaSula. They are an online based store which are big on fast fashion. I really do like their brand as they are VERY AFFORDABLE and the quality is rather good for the price of the items. They also usually always have a cheeky discount code on their website or instagram page so you can really grab yourself one hell of a bargain. 

In light of the season, I decided to add a pop of burgundy to this pretty black outfit. I forgot how beautiful burgundy is until I came across it over on the AllSaints website, and then decided to go into store and try it on. It fit perfectly and I became a proud new owner. Pretty expensive but for the quality (genuine leather) and unique design, I saw it as an investment. When it comes to the jacket and shoe department, I don't mind spending because they are everyday items which can last for yearssss when handled with care.

I hope you guys enjoy this post! Until next time. Uzy x