The first date my lover ever asked me on was a picnic. It never happened though. For some reason there was always an excuse whether it be the weather, or something else popping up, we just kept on postponing it...Mind you we got together in the autumn so it was actually quite chilly outside and it being England, the British weather didn't really favour a picnic. Nearly three years later we finally had our first picnic together and an amazing picnic date it was. The weather was lovely and the scenery was so beautiful! Here is a photobomb of some of our picnic photos, I hope you enjoy them!

Uzy wears- Gingham skirt: Primark // CropTop: Boohoo // Sliders: TopShop // SunGlasses: Zara

Joel wears- Shirt: Vintage // Shorts: Primark // Sandals: TopMan