I really love London, I don't think I would live anywhere else.  Noise, Smells, sights, what more could you want from a city that has it all. Today my lover took me to South Bank. The weather was amazing and so was the atmosphere, there was definitely something for everyone to do (not really surprising as it is a tourist area). 

I am becoming more and more obsessed with my new hair colour, I think it is so amazing! I believe it really adds to this outfit... I know its early days and I really shouldn't talk too soon but I don't think my new hair colour and I will be getting a divorce in the foreseeable future so you guys better get used to it!

 Daring to wear white bottoms is always a brave move for me as I become so frightened of staining them but these high-waisted tapered trousers from TopShop were a must today! don't you just love them? They couldn't fit more perfectly! I'm so glad that I have finally worn this duster coat, it has been sitting in my wardrobe for agessss. I have been itching to wear it for a while and I'm glad that I could do it justice with this outfit. The deep V bralet is an item that I just adore, I think that its just perfect wardrobe staple this season as it is simple yet bold and could probably go with just about anything. I don't think that I'm exaggerating when I say that this clutch gave me life today, It is so beautiful and it seem to be able to fit just about anything inside. Here are a few shots of my outfit from today, I hope you guys like it... Enjoy! 

Duster coat: TopShop // Bralet: TopShop // Trousers: TopShop // Clutch: Zara // Sliders: TopShop