New hair guysssss... anyone who knows me will be aware of the fact I have been searching for grey hair for the longest time (it being my favourite hair colour)... I had never seen grey braiding hair in my local hair store before so I wanted to dye virgin hair grey but I knew it would become so dry and I wouldn't be able to handle that so I was extremely overjoyed when I later came across grey braiding hair in a different hair and beauty store as box braids are my absolute favourite hairstyle like EVER. I did them myself and they did take me a while (3-4 days). They are definitely different... very unique braids and thats what I love the most about them.

My baby and I were exploring our town today... We cycled for ages and discovered a few beautiful places we never knew existed. I am so knackered from all that riding under the very hot sun! All in all it was a lovely day today, I managed to finish my hair, get out and enjoy the sun! I hope you all had a great day too... Until next time!

BackPack: Primark // Dress: Bank Fashion (old)  // Sliders: TopShop // Glasses: SpecSavers (Prescribed)