I got this dress in the Zara sale a while back. It was the only one left which meant I had to buy it. However, it had been sitting in my closet for some time so I had to do something about that. I decided to wear it before the british autumn/winter weather is here to stay. 
As you may have noticed, I am sporting a new hairstyle (still silver/gray as I am addicted to this colour). Like I said on my last post, the braids had really grown out so as much as I loved them, they had to go! I'm loving my new pixie do because I am able to wear as many hats/caps as I want which I actually can't do when I have my braids. I think I may keep this hairstyle for a while before returning to my silver locks.

Dress: Zara // Jacket: H&M // Hat: Charity shop // Sunglasses: Beyond Retro // Mules: Zara