Body confidence is something a lot of us struggle with. This is no surprise when the media is constantly portraying their version of the ideal body image. This then causes many to strive for these body types. Sometimes to extreme measures which lead to mental health issues such as eating disorders. 

 It is important to remember that another persons beauty can never take away from your own. We are all uniquely shaped and that is something I appreciate. I mean, imagine living in a world of clones, no variety. How boring would that be?

There is no issue with wanting to improve your physical appearance, in fact I would always encourage people to attain the best body they can naturally achieve, I feel this is all part of self love. If you love yourself you would look after yourself to the best of your ability. This includes frequently exercising, eating well, using the right products on your skin and so on.

Learn to love the shape you have been blessed with , not every body shape is naturally attainable so work with what you have, someone out there probably wants what you have as much as you what what they have. It is such an endless cycle. If only we can all learn how to admire without desiring, a lot more of us would be happier.

I too sometimes struggle with my body image. Sometimes I would like to be really skinny, sometimes I would like to be more curvy in the right places and it all stems from comparing myself to all these models and celebrities. A lot of them have actually had a lot of surgery which doesn't bother me at all but what does annoy me is when they pretend their body is all natural and it results from the gym causing so many to try and work toward something that can only be attained via surgery.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these endless photos of me. I uploaded a lot because I am beautiful, I look amazing (i'm clearly feeling myself) and I am not sorry about that! 

ps. There is a direct link to the lingerie at the bottom of the post <3