I couldn't resist this empowering t-shirt I came across the other day, it made me think about just how amazing it is to be a woman. Us women are such gems, we need to stick together and uplift each other. United we are stronger, divided we are defeated. That is why the message on the top resonated with me "You go girl!". Support and encouragement is such an important thing to have, it is only human to go through low periods in life but a great support system around you will definitely help you bounce back faster. Support is not gender specific but I do feel like women are a lot more emotional which is a blessing because we tend to be more compassionate and empathetic so I believe the ability to comfort comes more naturally.

I would like you guys to let me know your favourite thing about being a woman in the comments - mine is the ability to be able to carry and birth life, what is yours?

On that note, happy international women's day!